SCR Recognized for Efficiency


SCR is always on the cutting edge of technology that provides energy savings and performance for its customers. With some of its latest projects, the company was recognized for efficiency with an award from Xcel Energy®. Mechanical Designer Joe Lyon recently offered insight into a few of those projects and how SCR pulls out the stops to offer the best equipment, systems, and savings to its clients.


Each year, Xcel Energy presents its Energy Efficiency Partner Award to trade partners who took advantage of Minnesota’s energy savings programs and passed the knowledge and savings onto their customers.

SCR was one of five winners of the Business Energy Efficiency Programs award for 2021, for promoting higher-efficiency equipment. But this isn’t the company’s first go round with such an honor.

“I believe this is the second time we’ve gotten this award,” Lyon said. “Xcel bases the winners on who did the most rebates in the state.” All the winners combined initiated more than $8.8 million in rebates, saving more than 68,695 dekatherms of natural gas and 70,315,946 kilowatt-hours of electricity.


Though SCR works on many different projects, the company was recognized by Xcel for efficiency efforts in a specific area. “Most of the award primarily comes from the HVAC side, from the air conditioners we installed,” Lyon explained.

And while SCR remains confident in the equipment it provides, its sales team leaves the final decision up to the customer.

“Our biggest philosophy is to give our customers all the information and let them make the best decision for their circumstances,” Lyon said. “That’s how I want to be treated, so we extend that same courtesy to our clients.”

With that, Lyon said, there is a lot of competition to get or keep bid numbers low and be awarded a project.

“When we do a quote, we list a standard-efficiency unit as the base. But we always list high efficiency as an option, and then we put that Xcel rebate down so the customer can see it,” he added. “Then they realize they can get more efficient equipment for a little more money and the rebate will offset the difference in price or come close to it. That makes it a no-brainer for most people.”


SCR’s most recent accolades from Xcel are the result of a slew of projects the company did over the course of 2020. Lyon recalled a few of them while briefly touching on SCR’s HVAC capabilities:

  • Replaced older units and added high-efficiency air conditioners for the Toppan Merrill building expansion in Sartell.
  • Added high-efficiency units to the Cathedral High School expansion in St. Cloud, keeping the customer on budget with the help of Xcel’s rebates.
  • High-efficiency rooftop replacements for Wiman Corporation in Sauk Rapids.
  • Installed high-efficiency air conditioners in the shop area at Peter’s Body Shop in St. Cloud.
  • Completed a remodel to Pangea World Market, which turned a former shoe store into a grocery mart and included high-efficiency units designed into the plans.

This is only a handful of the projects during which SCR extended rebate savings – and energy savings – to its customers. “Again, we showed them the standard and offered a rebate for the high efficiency, and it just made things really simple,” Lyon added.

And for the customer, saving money is key. “A lot of customers are looking at the payback and shoot for that three-to five-year range,” Lyon said. “The rebate helps to counterbalance that time period for their payback, and it really makes a difference.”


The rebate offer from Xcel helps SCR’s overall sales volume, but the company’s main concern is looking out for its clients.

“We have a lot of repeat customers,” Lyon said, “and we want to show them that we’re taking the extra step. So many people say, ‘This is what you need, and here’s your price.’ But we make recommendations and give our customers every option, so they have the knowledge to make the best choice for them.”

Being recognized for efficiency is just one of the many feathers in SCR’s proverbial cap. With its customer focus and commitment to quality, SCR is the Midwest’s leader for commercial refrigeration, HVAC, food service design, and more. Contact SCR today to learn how to increase efficiency and innovation in your next project.

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