The sheet metal shop at SCR provides custom fabrication for any building and HVAC configuration. Expanded to 18,000 square feet in 2017 and with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our facility offers the versatility you need.

The SCR sheet metal shop can manufacture a full-range of items. Common products include duct work, dust collection pipes and fittings, brackets, stands, flashing, and welded pieces. We fabricate parts for small installations as well as projects for large corporations.

Our in-house inventory of metal types helps keep your project on schedule.

The average sheet metal shop stocks about 10 to 15 different metal types. SCR stocks more than 35 different varieties in assorted thicknesses and types.

Like all departments at SCR, the sheet metal shop recycles every piece of scrap steel, and we maintain a proactive, vigilant safety program.

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